European sex dolls with charming charm

She can perfectly reproduce the charm of classic women. This temperamental real TPE adult sex doll will fulfill all your crazy sex fantasies.She has a plump figure, sexy breasts, fashionable blonde hair, and a big juicy butt. This real cheap love doll will help you get more. Sex dolls bring greater visual impact. Demonstrative sex education courses for targeted dolls can bring more powerful visual impact help.

This is a slim, realistic silicone sex dolls with a height of 155cm. She has slender legs, big sexy breasts, a slender waist, a pair of charming big eyes and red lips that make her look perfect. Every part of her body shows her sexy side as a woman. A long black hair and realistic makeup, the soft skin is closer to the woman in real life, and her three personality holes simulate the private parts of the real person, which perfectly replicates the woman’s sexual experience.


Height 155cm /5.08 ft Hips 80cm / 31.49 in
Weight 31kg / 24.25 lbs Vagina 18cm / 7 in
Bust 86cm / 33.8 in Anus 16cm / 6.29 in
Waist 57cm / 22.44 in Mouth 13cm / 5.11 in